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The Democrat Plan for the Big Blue Steal

Everyone is anticipating a big red wave for the fall of 2022. After all, it’s a tradition. After Clinton screwed over the country in ’93, there was a republican takeover in ’94.

After Obama screwed over the country even worse in 2009, there was an even bigger takeover in 2010. So naturally it appears this will happen again, especially given the degree of “screw over” the puppet Biden administration has done to this country.

But that forgets one fact: There is no limit to what the socailist (communist in reality) democrats will do to steal an election.

In 2016, they were caught off guard. The traditional vote theft wasn’t as much as they needed to propel the ‘more evil’ Clinton into the Whitehouse. So they began the plan again.

Everyone should have heard about 2000 Mules, despite the total media blackout, and spins attempting to discredit it. It’s even generated some voter fraud convictions (but nowhere near enough). This is evidence of the extreme they will go to steal an election.

So lets connect some dots that point to an even larger election steal this fall. No one seems to be connecting these dots, so it’s being done here. You’re welcome. And of course spineless republicans aren’t doing anything about it even if they could connect these dots.


Remember the failed HR 1 that was going to seize control of elections nationally? One of the provisions was that anyone whoever, for any reason, had any contact with a federal office would automatically get added to the voter registration rolls. No questions asked, no verification of citizenship or eligibility. That’s a sure fire way to explode the registered voters. Well it failed. But lack of legislation has never stopped democrats from doing things unconstitutionally.

Executive Order 14019

Mollie Hemmingway wrote a very comprehensive article about Biden’s Executive Order to “Expand Voting Opportunities”. I will not discuss the entire article, but you should read it.

The results of the EO are being kept from the public. Most likely because, like everything else they do, it’s unconstitutional. What would you expect when Obama and Rice are pulling the strings? One of the things uncovered is that they are using federal offices to “mobilize” voter registration.

Read that again, then read the above paragraph about HR1. See any connection? Let’s try one more.

Distributing Illegal Immigrants Like Confetti

The Biden puppet administration has been shipping illegals they scoop up from the border all over the country in the dead of night. Everyone of them has to be given some form of identification, issued by the federal government. They can use it to fly, for medical care, and who knows what other freebies they are getting from taxpayers.

Now go back and read those two sections again. Start to see a pattern here? Has ANY republican looked into this to see if the voter rolls are suddenly exploding?

Filling Out Ballots

Congressman Mike Meyers and his election judge accomplices were convicted of simply filling out ballots for names on the voter rolls who had not shown up to vote.

Let THAT sink in.

You can be almost 100% sure that the illegal immigrants spread thick all over the country, are not going to show up at the polls on election day. And democrat operatives will be filling out those ballots on illegals behalf as fast as they can (they may have them already, to save time). Although this arrest was several years ago, there is no doubt this is more wide spread than just one case. And sadly we cannot expect spineless republicans to look into this, let alone stop it.

Crooked democrats who committed the 2000 mules theft didn’t suffer any major consequences, so they are prepared to pull off an ever bigger steal.

Be ready.