The Patriot

Warn The Illegal Immigrants

Well, if we can’t stop the administration from flooding the country with illegal immigrants, we can at least paint them red.

Among the flood of drugs, child abusers, sex traffickers, and general criminals, there are some who genuinely want to come here to escape tyranny in the country they fled. The problem is, they have a nasty habit of being brainwashed by leftists into creating a new sh!thole identical to the sh!thole they bailed out of.

And no doubt leftists will have them voting, legally or not, in the next election. Somehow that pesky little constitution just doesn’t seem to faze them anymore.

So, if we can’t stop them, we can warn them.

Next we need volunteers who will had out small pamphlets with the above text on it. They should be available on every bus, and in every hotel lobby the democrats to putting the immigrants.

Billboards would be good to.

Immigrants should be warned that they are simply being used as pawns in the strategy to destroy their great hope. We can and should stop them from being useful idiots.

It’s the Patriotic thing to do.