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Democrats Election Theft Plan

In plain sight

As soon as Pelosi took power along side Biden, they introduced HB1. Among other bloated power grab moves, it required that any person who came in contact with any federal agency was automatically and without approval added to the local voter registration roles.

Even though it didn’t pass, Biden issued executive order 14019, which told government agencies to “promote access to voting”. Same goal, different wording.

Next Biden floods the country with illegal aliens. Flying them from one coast to the other. All Desantis and Abbott have done is help him spread the plan, simply being unknowing pawns in the assault against US citizens. Stuffing illegals into leftists cities pissed off mayors, but the head count is still there.

Read those past two points again… Any illegal who gets free Medicaid, food stamps, drivers license, government issued ID, and every other perk designed to vacuum up every illegal into our interior is in contact with a government agency. And then they are compelled to be added to the voter roles. The “out” is they can opt-out if they ask. Given intimidation and language barriers, who really thinks that will happen?

So, how do you get them to vote? Simple: You don’t. You fill in the ballots for them. Dems have already been caught doing it. If the candidate they want doesn’t have enough votes, just call the election judge and ask for some more ballots from names that you know won’t show up at the polls.

They took this to an extreme in the 2020 steal. In this case, they had to stop at midnight, go fabricate more votes, bring them in, and tally them. It’s what made this graphic famous:


And, if that’s not enough, they have also been flooding the country with fake drivers licenses.

And they were used for drive through voting.

TEXAS VOTER FRAUD: Harris County Launches 24-Hour Voting As FBI Investigates

“Don’t have any ID? Not a problem, I will just go get one from a stack I have inside”

The depth democrats will go to steal the election has no limits. Especially when republican have no spine and will not fight it. Cowards and traitors.