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Covid Videos

Due to the high number of videos which are appearing, and then being censored, we are placing any that are of interest on this page when we can capture them. There are plenty of FacistBook, Twitter, YouTube selfies of people making statements, however this page is reserved for those who are professionals in the field, or collected news reports.

Below is from Br. Bugnolo. He talks about the “ScamDemic” being imposed on the world, and how this is fits into Biblical predictions. The web site is

This is a montage of athletes who have succumbed to the vaccine. Some fatally.

This is a clip from a presentation discussing how the vaccine is not remaining in the muscle tissue, but instead ‘leaking’ into the blood stream and causing micro clots.

In alignment with the above material, here is a nurse giving her first hand account of seeing these clots.

During a presentation, it was mentioned that the TSA can detect if someone is really vaxed, or isn’t.

This doctor reports his own symptoms after getting the shot

This is a segment of an interview with a doctor who resigned due to the vaccine requirement.

The pandemic is a “PlanDemic”…

What are they doing in Australia?

Jabbing Kids

Attorney Thomas Renz has determined that more than 50,000 seniors have actually died from the vaccine. This is a 28 minute presentation.

Doctor Simone Gold gives an hour presentation about how this is being used to surrender our rights and freedoms.