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Mass Formation

RedVoiceMedia had an interview with Doctor Robert Malone, who, if you haven’t heard of yet, you spend too much time watching the corrupt media, is listed as a patent holder of the mRNA technology. He shared the zoom call with Doctor Mattias Desmet, and Doctor Peter McCullough. Having that many doctors on a single zoom session should impress anyone.

The link to the podcast is below.

Dr Malone received some fame for his comment about Mass Formation Psychosis. However the real specialist in this is Dr Desmet. And there were some very interesting points to be understood from their conversations. The most important is that Dr Desmet actually refers to this simply as Mass Formation. The Psychosis term implies a diagnosis, which should be avoided.

So what is Mass Formation? Well, sadly it’s nothing to do with a Church Mass, which we will get to a bit later. It is actually a case where the population begins to form a mass (or mob) based on a need to alleviate some anxiety or mental psychological pain, thinking that acting en masse will relive them. The mass, or essentially mob in this case, can select some single cause as the source of the pain, and begin to look toward some leader for a solution. This is how Doctor Malone originally described it as the way everyone in Nazi Germany suddenly became ‘nuts’, blindly followed a megalomaniac leader, and allowed the holocaust to happen.

Where does this anxiety come from? Doctor Demet says it comes from people feeling isolated, lonely, out of control of their lives. People see no purpose in their life, no feelings of connections, no feeling of contribution. This is an anxiety that simply floats around and people look for a single, specific target to place the blame on.

As an aside, Doctor Demet notices that Mass Formation has become more prevalent beginning in the 18th century. That coincides with the “enlightenment” which on it’s own isn’t a bad thing. But it also replaced the community of religion with both government and with pure science. Whether religious or not, the community that religion offers can obviously prevent this lonely and helpless anxiety. (I did say we would mention Church a bit later…)

During the Mass Formation, several people will try to emerge as leaders. They will all attempt to focus on the same target as the cause of the anxiety, usually some innocent victim. These leaders all align with each other trying to get a position of power over the masses. Unfortunately they are usually people with a harmful agenda, and do not have any real solution. Instead they offer snake oil remedies of not just no value, but actual negative value.

So, lets look at how the phony pandemic has been used to further the social anxiety:

  • Shut down Churches
  • Cover faces
  • Shut down schools
  • Stay indoors
  • Social distance
  • Protective barriers
  • Uniform words and phrases
  • Loss of jobs

By forcing a large amount of the population to experience these same conditions, they will experience the same or similar anxieties about isolation and loneliness. These ‘leaders’ also use it to create a social bond with their victims, although observation will show that these leaders don’t actually live by those restrictions. There should be little doubt, if you are paying attention, that leaders are using the pandemic, which isn’t and never was a pandemic, as fear porn to enhance the anxiety.

Then it is also used to find a uniform target to blame for the anxiety. A favorite target is most often people who are not sucked into the Mass Formation: the people who will not participate in the new social bond. These are usually people who already have purpose in their life, have social bonds, or are already part of a community.

The truly amazing part of this is that leaders will use this to systematically take away everything from the masses without the masses even noticing that it’s happening. Remember who said “Never let a crisis go to waste”. They do this by making the narrative more and more absurd, without anyone realizing how it sounds. Some examples of that are:

  • Wearing a mask is just for show.
  • Wearing a mask to protect others, not yourself.
  • Wear a mask to protect yourself.
  • Wear two masks.
  • Wear three masks.
  • Two weeks to slow the spread.
  • Get the vaccine so you won’t get sick.
  • Get the vaccine so you won’t spread it to others.
  • Those unvaccinated are getting you sick.

To these power hungry leaders, it is what called The Plato Noble Lie. The lie is permissible and even justified if the cause is noble. And if the Formation of the Mass is experiencing enough anxiety, they will believe any cause is noble. Even when it’s not.

The decease isn’t fake, but it is manageable. It’s a noble objective.

It’s the solutions that are fake. That’s the lie.

Don’t buy into it.