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Bidenomics and the Recession We are Already in

Despite the government hacks trying to prop up this fraudulently elected stiff, our GDP is not actually growing. Although it should be after coming out of the phony pandemic they used to to cheat Biden into office.

But lets do some math. It’ll be simply math, although I doubt liberals will still be able to understand it.

What is GDP?

That’s a acronym used for “Gross Domestic Product”. It’s a supposed to be a measure of how much a country is producing, but it really is just a measure of how much people are buying (and selling) stuff. They simply add up all the transactions that occur at various levels and that becomes the GDP number. They leave out transaction like transferring some money into, or out, of a savings account, because nothing was “purchased” by that action.

Let say, for fun, you have 1000 people in your country. And they have $1000 that they spent over a year buying and selling stuff. Food, furniture, cars, iPods, whatever. The total amount of those transactions is the GDP number ($1,000,000).

Now lets say the next year, we added a few more people, Like maybe 10 more people. Now those 1010 people spent the same as everyone else, so the GDP is now $1,010,000. It can be easily seen that the GDP grew by 1%. See how simple that math can be?

Lets also assume that the existing people spent a few more dollars because several of them got a raise, or switched jobs, or started their own business and created some wealth and income. For simplicity sake, we will use the same increase of $10, just like we invented 10 more people. Again, that would be an increase from $1,000,000 to $1,010,000 just like the population growing.

Now.. add if we combine those two growths. It’s $1,020,000. Or GDP grew by 2%.

See how simple that is?

We want the GDP to grow, because we want new wealth created, and the productive population to increase. What that ideal amount is, is open for a debate among economists. And trust me… we don’t want to have to endure a debate among economists. Boring is too weak a word.

When Prices Rise

Thanks to the incompetence of leftwing loons and Biden’s advisors, inflation is a rate of 7-8%. So now when you go buy a television, furniture, food, those prices are 7-8% higher for the exact same thing. There is no growth in wealth, no increase in productivity. And yet, those higher prices are still calculated into the GDP.

So here’s where the math gets really tricky… at least for liberals. If inflation is pushing that total amount of dollars higher, and is computed in the GDP, then that amount should be subtracted from the GDP calculation in order to get a real idea of the GDP growth.

So in the spring of 2022, when Joke Biden is celebrating a GDP of -1.5% you have to subtract that 8% inflation because the price increases are also in there. We really have a GDP of -9.5%, or worse.

Even last years GDP growth of 6.9% over the entire year doesn’t offset the inflation of 8% inflicted on the country by the Clown in Chief. And part of that 6.9% was the “Trump Recovery” as the economy resumed after the fake plague.

In fact, the last quarter of 2021 was a GDP growth of 2.3%. But take away the 8% inflation, and it’s really a GDP loss of -5.7%.

No matter how they try to slice it, you need to know that it all means nothing if this current inflation is outpacing any GDP growth (or worse, adding to any GDP loss).

Is it a Recession?

By any reasonable definition, one would think it is a recession. Just look at what you can no long afford to buy, or how product size is shrinking. But economists also use some trick called the yield curve. They say it has to go negative as well.

But that means nothing to people trying to feed their families or pay rent or mortgage. A real recession hurts real people. Regardless of the tricks economists use to measure it.