The Patriot

The RNC Weasels

I received a letter from the RNC asking for money. And using Trumps name. They’ve got some nerve after throwing him under the DC subway. Here is a letter I sent to them, and also sent this to some actual conservatives that are fighting for us, so they know how we feel.

I also sent checks to them. Not to the RNC. Feel free to reuse this material.

Dear RNC,

Recently I received a letter with Donald J. Trumps name across the top.  Image my surprise to learn that it was actually the RNC attempting to fund raise off of his name.  Seriously??  After the level of backstabbing that was committed against him?

For the first two years, the republicans were in control of the executive and legislative branches.  The republicans could have accomplished great things. Trump managed to do so, only limited to the executive orders the executive branch could issue. Instead, the RNC and republicans created phony investigations into the big hoax.  In reality, republicans actually trusted Hillary Clinton more than you trusted President Trump.

When I think about that, it’s really disgusting.  Trusting Hillary Clinton MORE!

Now, the evidence is being revealed about the fraud, perjury, corruption involved in the hoax.  Anyone with a spine and a brain could have uncovered that in the first 6 months.  Instead, republicans chose to “kick the can” until Pelosi took control, and gave her total control to obstruct any investigation.  Was this intentional?  I think so, as I explain shortly.

And when I think about that, it’s even more disgusting.

We’ve all seen Joe Biden admitting on video that they have the most comprehensive voter fraud system in place.  Did the RNC or republicans do anything about it?  Nope.  None of the merits were heard.  None of the actual evidence was allowed.  Whose side do you represent anyway?

I think we know the answer, and that is phenomenally more disgusting.

Now, twelve months into Biden stealing the presidency, he has destroyed our energy industry, corrupted our supply lines, opened up more drug and sex trafficking than our country has ever seen.  And his policy is to infiltrate states with illegals being given free tax dollars, clothing, housing medical care, and who knows what else.  Is there any doubt these people are being given voter registrations as well?? And being told what to do in their native language??

The fact that the RNC threw Trump under the bus I can only attribute to a desire to sell out our country to foreign influence and suppliers.  After all, bringing back production to the U.S. and making the country self-reliant was what he stood for.  Apparently that is not what the RNC stands for.

This is an old playbook.  And it’s stolen from the democrats.  Don’t fix it, just promise to investigate and “hold people to account”.  Except republicans never do.

You may not be bright enough to comprehend this, but when you don’t punish people who commit crimes, and instead reward them with promotions, fat retirements, bloated lobbyist work, they actually won’t stop commit those crimes.  It actually encourages more of it.

Election after election after election, there are promises to correct it, but do nothing.  Just empty statements.  “Don’t worry… we’ll fix… it next time.

Democrats may be stupid enough to fall for the sham.  But plenty of use conservatives won’t.  And are waking up.

I am not sending you weasels another dime until you fix this first.  I will contribute directly to candidates as Jim Jordan, Rand Paul, Tom Cotton, John Kennedy, Ron Desantis, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and even Joe Manchin. Any one of those people is superior in protecting the values and integrity of this country than the RNC has demonstrated.  Additionally, I will also help primary any candidates to replace the cowards who would not stand up for Trump, and instead chose to believe lying democrats.

Don’t send me any more junk mail until the criminal elements is in jail.  The problem is, some of them are probably you guys.

Not so respectfully,