The Patriot

How Does it Feel to be Played?

A recent “town hall” hosted by NBC, was an attempt to show that undecided voters in Florida are more than ready to break for Biden. NBC spend some time slobbering over Joe, trying to convince themselves and others that Joe isn’t really suffering form diminished mental capacity.

But oh look… A couple of them were already Biden supporters. And found to have stomped for him on MSNBC.

Do these to propaganda branches not communicate with each other?

But this is just another “Media Caught Lying” event, continuing the what was started over four years ago. Do you feel played yet?

If you don’t, perhaps you should consider these claims that the media has pushed (every one of them a lie):

  • The Obama Administration did not spy on Trumps campaign
  • Trump is in cahoots with Russian, we have proof
  • Trump removed a bust of MLK
  • Trump banned all Muslim countries from entering the US
  • Putin said he had compromising information on Trump
  • Trump was lying when he said his offices were wiretapped
  • Trump threatened to withhold aid from Ukraine
  • Russians cosigned loans for Trump
  • Trump put kids in cages
  • MSNBC said Trump wanted to exterminate Latinos
  • Trump slashed the CDC budget

And the more hyperbolic claims…

  • Trump will enslave blacks
  • Trump will ban gay marriage
  • Trump supports white supremacy

Any one of these can be demonstrated as false with only the slightest bit of research. And yet the media continues to report it, and the entertainment world continues to use it for cheap (and phony) laughs.

At some point, one might think the general population will get upset with being lied to so much by ‘news’ sources. Sadly, they continue to lap it up like a dog drinking it’s own urine after reliving itself on the kitchen floor.

It should make intelligent people scared.

It’s scary that it doesn’t.