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Think this is a conspiracy theory? Well it might be. But so far, most of the others have turned out to be true. Examples:

  • FBI spied on Trump Campaign.
  • Clinton wrote the face dossier.
  • Two weeks to flatten the curve.
  • Vaccine passports won’t be required
  • There won’t be vaccine mandates

Of course this could go on, but if you’re reading this, you’re smart enough to figure the rest out on your own.

Now, here’s a new one: “Comply to get your immune system activation injections”

Think that’s crazy? Hang one.

The latest speculation comes from the fact that people getting the vaccination are needing boosters. The reason is that as the weeks progress from the initial treatment, the immune system is getting weaker. It took some digging through this data to see what was being presented, but it eventually became apparent:

As the weeks go by, people who are vaccinated are MORE susceptible to getting sick, and their immune system is getting weaker. The prediction is that it will eventually get to a point where you are having to rely on government injections to have an immune system at all.

Initially, linked in the above article, are reports from the UK . One report is from week 36 – Jump to page 13 and you can see the infection rate is higher among vaccinated than unvaccinated, far column on the right

Pick another week and take a look, just change the last number in that URL… It is necessary to look at each report, and compare it to the week before, which is a challenge since they are NOT in the same document. But it becomes obvious: as the weeks progress, the disparity between the vaccinated and unvaccinated gets wider.

Eventually, it could get to a point where it’s necessary to go groveling to your government bureaucrat to get your immunity injection.

So, how scary is this: “Comply, or your immune system doesn’t get it’s monthly support.”

In a dystopian movie, this might be a good plot… Except in this case, life imitates the art.

Is this the next conspiracy theory? So far, the previous ones have all turned out to be true. In this case, the “New World Order” is compelling you to get the vaccine or you can’t hold a job, travel, access your bank, etc… When your immune system collapses, they eventually will control you by withholding your life supporting injections.

Hope it’s not that severe. But time will tell.

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