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Did Someone Say PATRIOT?

There has been much talk of Trump creating a new political party, The Patriot Party, with the typical cheering and howling from people on all sides.

The Republican Party has clearly shown its desire to abandon its members in favor of big donors.  It’s no wonder people are enthusiastic about burning down the GOP and then forming another party from the ashes of the old one.

Republican pundits and former office holders are all telling us not to consider that.  Then they respond with the typical platitudes “Yes, the party needs to be more in touch…  It needs to listen to its constituents.”

The problem is…  The party doesn’t. And it won’t.

If the Republican party is even remotely serious about representing their voters instead of… well… whatever they represent, they could perhaps, I dunno…

  • File injunctions to stop Biden’s reinstatement of the unconstitutional “Dreamers” program
  • File lawsuits against Bidens transgender rules that let men invade women’s sports in colligate athletics
  • Withhold support for traitors like Cheney, Romney, Upton, and the others who bitterly voted to impeach Trump
  • Support primary candidates to replace RINOs like Governor Kemp and  Sec of State Raffensperger for looking the other way at obvious voter fraud
  • Push voter reforms at the federal level starting with the same requirements as that right to “bear arms” in the second amendment, and ending with paper trail ballots
  • Or even file a censure of Pelosi for violations of her own gender neutral language house rules when she referred to herself as a grandmother and mom

These are all things the Democrats would do, in their never ending fight against all that is free and great about these United States.

Instead, Republicans just cower in the corner afraid of being called racists.

So What About This “Patriot” Party?

Well, clearly the word “Patriot” is the correct noun to use, and this blog wholly endorses it.  But it needs to go much deeper than a name.  Because there are lessons to learn from history.

In 1908 Teddy Roosevelt skipped a term, taking time off to enjoy himself, only to return and find Taft had effective screwed up Roosevelt’s legacy.  His reaction was to pursue the party nomination and retake the presidency.  However the party had different plans.  They re-nominated Taft.

Instead, Teddy took his supporters and created the “Bull Moose” party.  This split the conservatives, and handed a win to Wilson, 435 to 88 electoral votes.  The split was a model for what Ross Perot did in 1992.  Taft’s second campaign, plus Roosevelt’s third party run, totaled 50% of the vote, but that was split almost 50/50.  So Wilson won with his 42%.  And we suffered the worst socialist policies this country had been subjected to so far.  For those who remember, or studied, history, that’s a close parallel to what happened in 1992.

Patriot or Trump?

The creation of that third party today would have differences from Teddy’s Bull Moose splinter which could have a profound effect on the next presidential election.

  • Trump not only has 75% or more of the republican support who would go with him, but probably 30% or more from democrats as he siphoned that much during both elections.
  • There is a 4 year cycle, instead of one post-primary season that Roosevelt had.
  • The third party would not be running against an incumbent as happened with Taft in 1912 and Bush in 1992

In order for the party to siphon off a significant number of democrat voters, as Trump did these past two election cycles, it would be necessary to remove the tainted word “Republican”. Although it’s never a good idea to cave into the word police, there is a significant brainwashing of the less informed voter into thinking “I could never vote for those racists.”  Their experiences of Trumps accomplishments over the past 4 years would indicate that his party is more palatable.

But to reach those, and everyone else, it should be called the ‘Trump’ party.

That’ll let everyone know who it really is.

Now, if we can just stop that voter fraud…

3 thoughts on “Did Someone Say PATRIOT?

    1. From his speech at CAC, it appears Trump wants to repair the party from the inside. It has the infrastructure already in place. Dan Bongino has done some podcasts about it as well. It’s probably the better solution.

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