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Ready to Vaccinate?

Doctor Simone Gold, who is an actual doctor, not a flunky from Facebook, or political censoring hack from Twitter, gave a speech about the China Virus scam.

Her site is Americas Front Line Doctors.

For the security of preserving this information in the event they get de-platformed again, it is also available here.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Pathogenic Priming is a distinct possibility. It has occurred in previous Corona virus mRNA trials in animals. This is where the immune system goes into hyperdrive when it sees the real virus, and results in auto-immune death.
  • HCQ is long known to be safe.
  • This vaccine does not stop transmission. It will not result is relaxing any of the restrictions.
  • The untreated survival rate for under age 50 is 99.98%. The effectiveness of the vaccine cannot be reliably measured when compared to the regular survival.
  • If the vaccine is supposed to work, treating “front line workers” intentionally throws away the elderly.

Here is her full presentation.