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FacistBook Censors

A friend send me the source of an article through FacistBook messenger. But it was just a picture, because they couldn’t share the link directly.

As I said in my reply, I manually typed in the URL, and the page appeared. No problem.

Here is a screen shot from the browser.

But type it into FacistBook messenger? It’s blocked. As the title picture shows.

Well, when you can’t outright “censor” people (and you can’t call them racist to shut them up), then the next best thing they come up with now…?


Get ready for the next wave of censorship from FacistBook. Using the phony moniker of something being spam.

The sooner everyone moves to another platform such as Gab, MeWe, Parler, the better of the country will be… by allowing diversity. The thing leftists claim they welcome.

I remain there just to scream that people should leave. And I’ve been trying to get FacistBook jailed, but I guess I’m too small of a fish at this stage.

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